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About Us

About the Medical Clinic


The Foothills Family Medical Centre is a full spectrum, family based, general practice. We are delighted to house thirteen dedicated physicians. We strive to provide the most up to date medicine & to serve our small community with exceptional medical care. Our physicians also provide 24-hour emergency coverage & in-patient care at the Oilfields General Hospital, along with care of our community's long-term care facility.


We accept appointments Monday to Friday. Our goal is to be able to accommodate same day and walk in appointments for patients in need. 


Foothills Family Medical Centre is part of the Calgary Rural Primary Care Network, which helps to provide resources and programs to our community. Within the clinic this partnership also allows access to a Behavioral Change Specialist, pharmacy support & a Chronic Disease Management Registered Nurse. We have a regularly scheduled specialist clinic, including Internal Medicine and onsite Respiratory/Spirometry testing.

Thanks to the support of the Sheep River Health Trust, the clinic has received two 24/48 hr Holter Monitors.  This specialized testing can be conducted in the clinic with the results received here also.  We continue to provide 24 Hr Blood Pressure monitoring here in the clinic.


We have been affiliated with the Family Medicine Training Program through the University of Calgary since 1990. Giving new residents the opportunity to work in the clinic on a 2-year residency rotation. We are thrilled with the efforts our physicians make to ensure that the future generations of physicians are exceptionally trained. We proudly house many of the graduates of our residency program!

Black Diamond has won five awards for Most Outstanding Rural & Family Medicine Preceptors. 


We operate a  satellite clinic in Turner Valley, where we offer appointments Monday to Friday. Allowing us the opportunity to expand access in our local community!

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